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Star Trek Timelines is a strategy role playing video game[citation needed] developed by Disruptor Beam for iPad and Android platform. The player is the captain of a ship and can form their ship’s crew from characters from any era of Star Trek, while steering the fate of the galaxy through diplomacy, science and force of arms.

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Set after the events of Star Trek Nemesis and Star Trek: Voyager’s series finale, Star Trek Timelines begins as the player captains their first starship command to investigate an unknown temporal anomaly. Upon arriving at the anomaly, the player meets Q, who immediately explains that a full-on temporal crisis has begun throwing people, places, and objects from other timelines (including the Mirror Universe) into this one.

Star Trek Timelines lets players recruit characters from all eras of the Star Trek TV series, including The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and Discovery, as well as the Star Trek movies, comics, novels, and non-canon sources. Players take on the role of Captain, in command of their first starship (a Constellation class starship.) Soon, players must recruit crew and build starships from across the timelines in order to aid Q by sending crew on Away Missions, engaging in Starship Battles, and completing main missions to progress the story and choose which game factions take further control of a galaxy in chaos.

The players are also able to form in-game groups called “Fleets” and “Squadron” sub units that are ranked in weekend events and collaboratively upgrade “Starbases” to provide shared bonuses.

Away missions
One of the primary ways to progress in the game (including Starship Battles) an Away Mission is when the player sends a team of three characters out to complete a challenge. Each step of an Away Mission will require a character with the appropriate skill level and proficiency: diplomatic, scientific, medical, engineering, security, and command.[4] Certain characters will even be able to unlock special steps on an Away Mission for rare rewards. Each Away Mission has three levels of difficulty: normal, elite, and epic.[5] Common and uncommon characters are able to participate in special away missions called ‘Cadet Challenges’ to earn different currencies in the game.

Starship battles
Starship battles are described as “real-time conflicts between two starships and their respective crew”. Before a starship battle, the player assigns 1-5 characters to a starship’s battle station.[citation needed] Each character, when placed in a battle station, is able to temporarily increase the output of a ship. Currently, this is represented by three core stats: Damage, Accuracy, and Evasion. Players can collect schematics to build more ships to take into battle.[7] The gameplay of the starship battles involves 3D combat, Jon Radoff stating: “We wanted to authentically and gorgeously portray all the things you would see out the window of a starship”.

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